The beginning

A refreshing perspective

Welcome to CooperVision's refreshing perspective.

We're in the process of refreshing our brand - and this is just the beginning. However, our new visual identity is only a small part of the story and we would like to share our journey with you.

Our brand values

Every business has a brand

When we think about brands, it is sometimes difficult to think beyond the outward appearance of an organisation - its logo, its marketing materials, its website. However, the truth is that brands are built from the inside out. That means that every customer touch point; sales representative, customer service, product, packaging - the list goes on - plays an important part in defining what that brand is and means to its customer.

So in fact every business has a brand. Your practice has a brand - your patients have a perception of the eye care you provide and that is why they stay loyal to you.

Here at CooperVision, we too have a brand and as you would expect from a global business we often review our strategic priorities. For us, capturing what we stand for and communicating that to both practitioners and your wearers was one of our key objectives.

Our brand values

Brand values are extremely important, as they are the principles that govern how people behave and make decisions in an organisation.

The evolution

We are dedicated

We bring expertise, focus and determination to everything we do. We do not quit until the job is done right as defined by our customers, wearers and ourselves.

We are inventive

We continuously push ourselves to discover creative, original and resourceful ways to improve every lens we make, strengthen every relationship we build and make the most out of every opportunity.

We are partners

We collaborate and build strong relationships based on honesty, candor, trust and respect. We value teamwork and know that by working together with our customers, wearers and employees, we will achieve far more than we can on our own.

We are friendly

We are open, easy to do business with and approachable. We always strive to do what is in the best in the interest of the people we work with: our customers, wearers and fellow employees.

The evolution

Research - the genesis of the brand

During the past twelve months, we have undertaken a rigorous global analysis of our brand. It was an exhaustive and robust research programme that involved interviews with over 2,400 employees and 1,000 eye care practitioners across the globe. All countries where we do business were involved.

Absolutely key was to understand the drivers for contact lens preference - both for practitioners and patients. This research also allowed us to gain a perception of how you see the CooperVision of today, which will ensure we are the right CooperVision of tomorrow to meet you and your wearers' needs.

The findings

Many brand preference drivers - be they for practitioners or patients - came as no surprise. Product attributes, such as performance, comfort and health considerations were important, and there was consensus that as an industry, contact lens manufacturers are delivering on these points. What was particularly interesting were the areas where practitioners felt that CooperVision excelled - in particular partnership and expertise.

The beginning

Bringing so much research down to a small number of attributes is important. We know what is important to you and what we do well.

It is from these findings that we deliver our commitment to you - it is called a 'brand promise'.